Consultation Tibetan medicine


In Tibetan medicine the focus is on behavior, lifestyle and diet. These are individually coordinated depending on constitution and current symptoms. By implementing the advice developed in the consultation, everyone can actively contribute to improving their well-being.




Tibetan massage


In order to release blockages and pain or to relax and stimulate the metabolism, the following applications can be included in the Tibetan massage. If necessary, these are incorporated individually into the treatment and matched to the current symptoms.


  • Horme
  • Stones
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion
  • Tsampa
  • Umati
  • Yuk Chö


Pain therapy with essential oils


The painful areas of the body and the corresponding foot reflex zones are treated with pure essential oils. This leads to a relief of the symptoms.


As an additional side effect, the scents of the essential oils have a positive effect on well-being and the nervous system.